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Creature Comfort Food 

How much thought do you give to the creature comforts of your everyday life?  Consider, if you will, one of the first intentions of most days, is to eat a healthy breakfast.  In a long haul truck drivers life, meals are either eaten from fast food places, diners and restaurants, or reach-ins at the truck stops and travel centers, i.e. sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs. There are more healthy choices than there used to be, for sure.  Outside of spending money every day, meals are bit like camping. We have heard that a microwave is a solid choice in the newer, sleeper cabins that are quite nice actually. These are a trucker’s expense however and in our case the television with the dvd player beat out the microwave. 

Every bit of space is maximized in this micro-environment. I found a stainless steel heated thermos (plugs into the cigarette lighter) that sufficiently heated water in a timely manner and although the first trial produced a watery mix that was sipped more from the bowl than the spoon, it didn’t take many tries to get a delicious, hot bowl (plastic with a screw top)of nutritious instant oatmeal with a handful of good trail mix (from the bin at Sprouts) that was very satisfying, in taste as well as making healthy choices, and putting wellness first. The bowl easily cleans up with a paper towel.

In the transportation industry, there are many decisions and conditions that in the control of anyone else but the truck driver. Physical well being is an ongoing effort, and cannot be left to chance alone. As the minutes and miles go by, so does opportunity and sustainable energy to create good choices. It starts at home, and with some creativity that dares to put a smile on the face that feeds the body well, and a few cool tools, we make it work.

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