Critical Movement – The Truck

As I take a look around me right this moment, everything in my immediate environment arrived here via some form of critical movement. Except for the current sunshine that appeared today, I cannot think of one ‘thing’. I use the word ‘critical’ to get your attention and see if you can tune into a similar awareness about the movement it takes for the most simple of things to arrive to the pantry, bathroom, laundry facility, and dinner table.  +/- something or perhaps even another; everything you see in your immediate surroundings arrived on or with the physical assistance of a truck (or multiple trucks) and a driver (perhaps many hands). Even in the manufacturing process, grain didn’t get on the train without a truck.

So look around and see if you had to make a critical decision regarding what you could live without, what item would it be? Have I opened your eyes at all yet, to the fact that almost everything we use in our homes and at work required moving transportation under the power of a human to bring it to you? It reminds me of the precious honey bee that I have championed for years. Life will change dramatically when the bees are no longer around to to the ‘bee’ work, or the work to be done far exceeds the healthy bees available to do the work.

Articles claimed we ended 2017 with about 50,000 drivers less than the industry needs. What is alarming is the sharp increase of 4th quarter over 3rd quarter in 2017. Already the critical movement in these numbers put sustainability in a new hot seat. No matter how far removed you are from the transportation industry, there will be a price to be paid. Saving supplier costs and consumer pricing for another blog post on another day, I believe we should begin a holistic awareness of this issue for everyone. Now is not the time to tarry. Really. Look around you. And just for fun, see where it came to you from. Can you imagine how many miles and trucks and truck drivers it took for it to land in your house? And in case you haven’t noticed the latest trend here in Florida, how about all the new storage facilities being built? More room for more of the stuff!

Great source of protein. 


So for the sake of keeping interest in the realities of our lives, let’s just think about the food you feed your family. Broccoli from Laredo, TX to Melbourne, FL. Orange juice from Auburndale, FL to Houston, TX. Raw peanuts from GA to TX. Most of our meat from the midwest. We have been hearing ‘buy local’ for years and now is a great time to start sourcing some of your prized goods. My husband just called me from Moss Point, Mississippi, asking me if there is a chicken shortage? His number one source of clean protein in the grab and go at the truck stop is hard-boiled eggs. The age-old question is yet to be answered about the chicken or the egg coming first. Has critical movement already come calling? He hasn’t seen hard-boiled eggs since he left the east coast of Florida. I wonder. A sign of things to come?





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